Last year I was gassin about my hype levels regarding a return to Greece to smack a live show, see I totally was.

Well, as it turned out the hype was 100% certified real and the whole trip was bananas from top to tail. To commemorate what went down, the good people at Noiz Productions have put together a recap vid of the show so it can live on forever in permanent cyber marker:


In case you missed it, the homie Dirty Dike and myself have been steady setting fire to stages all over the bloody gaff recently in celebration of his heavyweight LP, Sucking On Prawns In The Moonlight. We are currently knee deep in Leg 2 of the tour razz with a whole heap of upcoming shows still to go.


If you have not reached a show yet, yes, you are moving dozy, but there is still time to absolve yourself of this fraggle behavior.

All upcoming events and ticket-info-knowledge can be found on the official FB tour page:

If you are a promoter and would like to book the most explosive booze soaked rap show extravaganza ever to hit planet earth bar none, email the ultra humans over at and they will hook you up.


And while we on the subject of SOPITM, here are a couple joints from the project which feature cuts n slices from my own fidgety hands:


In The Balance

The certified G, the mic veteran, the man who is only willing to accept partial comparisons to 80’s global pop mega stars and who flat out refuses to play, Verb T, has thrown his hat into the label ring with his brand new In The Balance Records imprint.

First signing to the squad is London based rapper Moreone who christens the label with “Turn Back”, a track lifted from his forthcoming EP of the same name.  In The Balance Record's maiden outing is produced by Verbs himself and features some cuts from my very own cross fader battering hands.

You can check out the track complete with official video by Above Ground Media ryyyightt hurrr ↓↓


Fresh from the total and complete ultra rinse that was leg 1 of the current tour, Baxter, Dike and myself are jumping on an sky waggon to smack the living fuck of out Athens.

Last time we did a show out there it was nothing short of a molten fire vibes volcano, and with over 2.5k heads set to attend this one, my hype levels are significant. Bell your Greek Auntie, tell her to cop a ticket and come through with the Ouzo.


Tour time

7 x cities, 1 x tour bus, over 30 x performing artists, untold mega vibes.

It's that time again. The mighty High Focus battle truck is being assembled with the soul purpose of swarming the country with some of the most explosive live show experiences UK Hip Hop has to offer.

To mark the release of both Dirty Dike's “Sucking On Prawns In The Moonlight” and Verb T & llinformed 's “The Man With The Foggy Eyes” a gang of us are getting in a bus and going on the road to bring those trade mark the full force party smack down situations to a venue near you. For a taste of what we have in store clock the promo vid below:

Event listings:


Facebook pages with individual events here:

can cop all tickets here:

I will have a stack of my new Highly Focused Selections Vol. 1 mixtapes and a pile of fresh new stickers with me on the road, so come say hi if you wanna grab any.

This tour is obviously going to be heavy as fuck and I advise you to come, but If you can't see your city in the listings above don't set your cat on fire and stab yourself in face just yet. Dike and myself are currently putting together a whole second leg of tour madness, so put the lighter down and hold tight for more info. Any promoters wanting to get involved, holla.

See yous out there

Highly Focused Selections Mixtape

It's been a while since I dropped a mixtape, so here is a brand new one

This one is a collection of tunes from my HF gang fam's back catalogue of ultra bangers. Some old classics, a few overlooked gems, and a couple remixes all in the pot.

You can listen to the whole mix on High Focus TV here:

Or on my soundcould page here:

The full thing is also up for FREE DOWNLOAD right here:

If you are into real things in the real world and would like to get your hands on a super limited CD pressing you can also do that, here:


Super Mega Birthday Smashdown


Slap yourself in the face and set your hair on fire - we back.

All year Super Mega Bad have been bringing you nothing short of the most rumbustious vibe filled ultra parties ever to touch UK Hip Hop and fuck it's been fun. Like, actual big fun. You know, a party, a well fucking live one. Fun. This is not your average jam. If you have ever been to a Super Mega party then you know the deal.

We are talking unbelievably live rap shows, beach balls, open mic cyphers, prize giveaways, open 4 deck multi turntable mayhem, inflatable giraffes, party bags, iPod soundclahses and a shed tonne of jokes.

So far we have brought heads like Rodney P, Skitz, Leaf Dog, BVA, Jam Baxter, Stig Of The Dump, Edward Scissortongue, Dabbla, Sumgii, DJ Frost, Skufff, Inja, Dr Styntax and Pete Cannon all through to smash our stage into obliteration. It's been heavy.

Visuals from a couple past events:

To celebrate the anniversary we have put together a stupid fly line up guaranteed to do the business, all taking place on Friday 21st August @ The Portland Arms, Cambridge.

As always Dirty Dike will be hosting his infamous open mic cypher and I will be taking care of our open 4 deck turntable mega jam.

The Facebook event is here:

and the limited pre tickets are only available here:

cop one or fuck the base.

SMB is for the people.
Keep up to date with the movement ere: