Flipper the dolphin has gone and dropped a whole brand new album. The project features bare aquatic squad inside the submarine including some underwater cuts from my very own webbed hands. Obviously it all bangs harder than Poseidon on a bucket of Viagra and I advise you to grab a copy in water proof vinyl format immediately. A less waterproof cassette version is also available for all you die hard land dwellers.    

Super LTD

A few years back I put together an extended cuts outro for one of Dike's more delicate love ballads entitled "Waste Of Beer". The tune was uploaded to HF TV but never actually released into the wild. Luckily for all you vinyl heads this situation has now been rectified with a super limited run of white label 12"s being let loose → here ← for the first and only time. I highly recommend you cop one before they all sell out and are only found lurking on discogs for ¥99999

Dike Limited 12" Listings

Dirty Dike Feat. DJ Sammy B-Side - Waste Of Beer




Super Mega Garms

Big belated festive shouts to all who came down and represented at the recent Xmas Super Mega Bad event, it was our tonkest party yet and the vibes were indisputably cataclysmic. If you reached you already know.

To celebrate the continued expansion of the Super Mega movement we've gone and let off a limited run of our signature gang T's previously only available in the dance. They are fabricated from nothing but the most premium quality space dust and highest grade unicorn tears. They come in all the sizes with your choice of black of white colorways. Delivery is galaxy wide and rapid as fuck. Join the squad, cop yours while stocks last:

☞  ☜

We also have a new recap vid from our event back in August up online for you to stare at:

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