Gang man

Big shouts to every one who joined us last weekend when we headed down to the darkest depths of Cornwall to do the damn thing at Into The Wyldes Festival.

Into The Wyldes Festival

Extra shouts to the homie Rag'n'Bone who joined us on set to spit flames. This man is smacking it crazy world wide and repps the squad at every step. Top G, sick vocalist and a true gent 🎩💪🎯🔥🍻


Super Mega Boxing Day

The infamous SMB cult mayhem fire dance is back to turbo charge your Christmas pudding.
SMB sells out always and without fail. Secure your tickets here - absolultey no crying later when you clock the inn is full.

We've also put out a brand new SMB propagandist infomercial, filmed earlier this year at our Brighton event by the OG Si Haze Films. For best results plug your face in and watch 6 times without blinking.


Super Mega Bookings

I am hype to announce my official singing to the Super Mega Bookings roster. This gang as fuck agency specialize in only the finest caliber live sounds and high grade live shows. If you would like to book me, either for a solo DJ set or alongside and of my HF/CP/SMB teams, ping an e mail to: For more details on how they do and to check the full roster goto: immediately.


The intergalactic SMB vibes space ship is set to land in Brighton city.

With Strange U & Datkid in the house as well as an ipod clash from local legends Prince Kong & Enlish, you obviously already know its going to pop. Grab tickets here or be a total wally.

Super Mega Bad Brighton Back

Scratch Prohpets

My Split Prophets goons recently dropped their long overdue full length full crew album. Shit bangs. I was invited throw some cuts into the SP mix which I gladly did. With such an extensive in house squad of talented heads in the gang, it's an honorer to be the only featuring artist on the project. Delta Bravo Killo is out now on real life double wax vinyl record.

Intro / outro cuts from myself, chorus cuts / beat from the one and only BadHabitz:

Super Mega Garms

Big belated festive shouts to all who came down and represented at the recent Xmas Super Mega Bad event, it was our tonkest party yet and the vibes were indisputably cataclysmic. If you reached you already know.

To celebrate the continued expansion of the Super Mega movement we've gone and let off a limited run of our signature gang T's previously only available in the dance. They are fabricated from nothing but the most premium quality space dust and highest grade unicorn tears. They come in all the sizes with your choice of black of white colorways. Delivery is galaxy wide and rapid as fuck. Join the squad, cop yours while stocks last:

☞  ☜

We also have a new recap vid from our event back in August up online for you to stare at:

If you would like to keep up to date with all Super Mega Bad related hype fraff, and you totally should, like the Faassbook page, it's right here, CLICK CLICK CLICK:

Super Mega Birthday Smashdown


Slap yourself in the face and set your hair on fire - we back.

All year Super Mega Bad have been bringing you nothing short of the most rumbustious vibe filled ultra parties ever to touch UK Hip Hop and fuck it's been fun. Like, actual big fun. You know, a party, a well fucking live one. Fun. This is not your average jam. If you have ever been to a Super Mega party then you know the deal.

We are talking unbelievably live rap shows, beach balls, open mic cyphers, prize giveaways, open 4 deck multi turntable mayhem, inflatable giraffes, party bags, iPod soundclahses and a shed tonne of jokes.

So far we have brought heads like Rodney P, Skitz, Leaf Dog, BVA, Jam Baxter, Stig Of The Dump, Edward Scissortongue, Dabbla, Sumgii, DJ Frost, Skufff, Inja, Dr Styntax and Pete Cannon all through to smash our stage into obliteration. It's been heavy.

Visuals from a couple past events:

To celebrate the anniversary we have put together a stupid fly line up guaranteed to do the business, all taking place on Friday 21st August @ The Portland Arms, Cambridge.

As always Dirty Dike will be hosting his infamous open mic cypher and I will be taking care of our open 4 deck turntable mega jam.

The Facebook event is here:

and the limited pre tickets are only available here:

cop one or fuck the base.

SMB is for the people.
Keep up to date with the movement ere: