Live scratch session @ Super Mega Bad

Freestyle scratch session at DJ Sammy B-Side's Super Mega Bad 4 deck open jam

DJ Sammy B-Side & Mr. Switch (DMC Champ)

Back to Back freestyle scratch session with 4 x DMC World Champion Mr Switch at the legendary Scratch Club event

Live in Athens, Greece w/ Jam Baxter & Dirty Dike

Promo recap video of a live show in Athens, Greece from October 2015

BBC Introducing Cambridgeshire:  Road to Boom Bap Festival

Boom Bap Festival highlights video put together by BBC Cambridgeshire featuring an impromptu back to back beat juggle with DJ Chris Groove and interview 

Live in Toulouse, France @ La Dynamo w/ Dirty Dike

Performing "One Drink" as part of a 2014 tour of France with Dirty Dike

Super Mega Bad promo video

Highlights promo clip of an SMB party. This event runs bi-monthly and always features an open 4 decks segment hosted by DJ Sammy B-Side

"Return Of The Twat" UK Tour Documentary

Dirty Dike, Jam Baxter, Edward Scissortongue & DJ Sammy B-Side embarked on a 16 date month long UK tour, this is what is looked like

Live w/ Edward Scissortongue @ Rarekind Records

DJing for Edward Scissortongue's in store showcase on Records Store day 2014